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"I'm here to set things right. Also? To look dashing. That part's less difficult."
Name: Dorian Pavus
Nickname/Alias: n/a
Age: 27 [born November 23, 1920]
Gender: Male
Species: Human Mage—with enough energy and focus, can call upon the elements to bend to his will.
Affiliation: Currently Wastelander
Father- Halward Pavus (alive)
Mother- Olenna Pavus (alive)
Height: 6’0
Weight: 178 lbs
Appearance: Dorian has dark tanned skin that stretches across high cheekbones and a slightly hooked nose. His raven hair is always pushed up and back the top of his head, and his arched eyebrows hang over a pair of steely gray eyes, which are usually lined by a coat of eyeliner. Dorian’s pride and joy, his moustache, is well maintained in style and is accompanied by a small goatee below his pouty lips. Dorian has a fairly lean build, but he is not without muscle. With a flair for the more expensive things in life due to his upbringing, Dorian prefers to wear only the best garments, often embellished robes that are perfectly tailored to accentuate his narrow hips and broad shoulders. He usually wears leather boots with a bit of a heel, and golden rings adorn his fingers.
Dorian’s favorite weapon of choice is a long spear, with a curved blade and the carved winding of a snake around the mahogany shaft. While this is usually fixed to his back, Dorian prefers to keep the company of handguns on him as well; he keeps a 9 mm tucked safely in his back waistband, but his favored gun is a .45 Colt Revolver that he harbors in a leg holster.
For better or for worse, Dorian is a sarcastic and witty person. He may seem conceited and arrogant to those around him, but of course it’s just a smoke screen to obscure his weaknesses and insecurities. He’s an outgoing individual, and enjoys engaging in banter that ensues with quick retorts and sharp tongues. Although he appreciates cunning and strategy over aggression, Dorian won’t turn down a good fight; events had made him a bit bloodthirsty, killing becoming a sport to him, even enjoyable. Even if he may seem like a shallow guy, Dorian cares for those he holds close to him.
Dorian is bisexual, and if you meet him, you’ll definitely know. He is as open as anyone could be; why should he deny himself the pleasure of another person’s company? Men, women, he doesn’t care. Dorian is a very flirtatious individual, enjoying the wit he gets out of banter.
Dorian finds beauty in almost everything; he isn’t without good taste, though. Ultimately he just likes someone who can help him forget about the state of the world for a few hours. While he does find shyness to be endearing, Dorian loves the allure of passion and fire within a person’s eyes.
-Pre-war novels
-A good wine or merlot
-The feeling of lying in bed after a long day
-Killing annoying or frustrating people
-Chai tea
-Using his mage powers to freak people out
-Annoying people
-Bad fashion taste
-Overly religious people
-His father
-The Warui
-Mutated rats. The things are nasty and have no use.
Bad Habits: Dorian had a nasty stint where he was addicted to a black market injectable drug named lyrium. He was not proud of those days, and often the withdrawals get so bad he can’t stand.
Dorian grew up in a privileged life; talented, educated son of Halward Pavus, things only seemed to be looking up for the Warui-born boy. His family was wealthy, with plans to educate Dorian to eventually take his father’s seat on the Council of the Warui. When Dorian was just 18, his parents promised him to the daughter of a rich family to marry. Dorian Pavus, meant to be the the perfect heir with the perfect body, perfect mind. Naturally, he despised it all… and his tastes weren’t exactly into just women. When Halward caught his son fornicating with one of the servant boys, he went to extreme measures to ensure it would never happen again. Dorian’s father wanted to inject him with a chemical that would alter Dorian’s brain chemistry and basically turn him heterosexual. The drug either could have worked, or it could have left him a drooling vegetable. When Dorian found out, he picked up everything and left. The fact that his father found the risk of him dying was preferable to scandal broke Dorian’s heart.
With his strength, wit, intelligence and charm, Dorian seemed to have a promising future for Warui Industries. However, it was only when he left did he realize the monstrosities that the company committed. While living within its walls, everything was sugar-coated and made the Warui victimized; he began to see the truth of the situation as he grew into his own identity. Dorian bears his ostracism with pride; he likes being a pariah. It adds to his charm. He now wanders around the Wasteland, hopping from town to town, never staying in one place for too long for fear of his father finding him. And he had, a few times; a Warui soldier would stop him, recognizing the Pavus crest that lay on an amulet on his neck, but of course Dorian disposed of them quickly. Honestly it wasn’t even a chore—it was almost enjoyable. Occasionally he’d stay with a group of people, Survivors namely, fight alongside them for a time. But he always ended up leaving. He tried not to burden anybody for too long.
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PostSubject: Re: Dorian Pavus   Dorian Pavus I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2015 5:31 am

Uh, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to approve these things, but you'd have my seal of approval.

Anybody with sweet facial hair gets my seal of approval.

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