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 Plot of Kibatsuna

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PostSubject: Plot of Kibatsuna   Plot of Kibatsuna I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 5:05 pm

They say that history repeats itself. What they say is true.
On April 30, 1945, the feared tyrant known as Adolf Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while biting down on a poisonous cyanide tablet. And while he passed from this world, his ideals of a perfect union by racial purity, did not.
One of Hitler's closest allies was a small company named Warui Industries, which was located on Rook Island, an uncharted land off of the coast of Thailand. Because of this remote location, Warui Industries was free to perform drastic scientific experiments without being caught by the authorities or government. Here, the greatest minds of science and art perfected the nuclear bomb, a deadly weapon capable of wiping out entire countries.
The Warui wanted to keep Hitler's dream of purity alive by plotting to overthrow the United States, in an effort to kill off thousands of people whom the Warui saw as "racially impure". Slowly they branched out to neighboring countries, to share their ideas and gain money and allies. However, the United States had an agent working undercover in a station in India, and they uncovered Warui Industries' plans. In an outrage, the United States sent fleets of B-24 planes, bombarding the region around Thailand. 
Due to the uncharted isle of Rook Island, the main port of Warui Industries remained unharmed. In fierce retaliation, they set off a series of nuclear bombs on every country on the face of the earth. Prior to this attack, the Warui had built enormous underground vaults that allowed them to live safely while the bombing happened. On the surface, the intense radiation of the nuclear assault left most everything in ruins. People, animals, and vegetation were killed off in seconds, and what wasn't killed, was mutated. Grotesque new species began to arise from the ash, and the most of the world was turned into a wasteland.
While this was happening, Warui Industries remained completely unharmed, and they reformed in the heart of China, creating a new base, known as the Capitol. They had strived to achieve total control of the world, and it seemed like they had it. It appeared that they could finally start their project of racial purity. However, they were very much wrong.
The radiation caused mutations and new species; however, not all mutations were bad. In fact, some actually enhanced and improved the genetic footprint of a human; improved hearing, seeing, and reaction rate. These mutation types lived, while others died. They became known as the Survivors, and often grouped together to increase their chance of living through this post-apocalyptic world. Most of the buildings and towns had been blown to bits by the bombs, and were of no use. The Survivors salvaged scrap metal and parts in an effort to rebuild these shelters and cities. The biggest one they had rebuilt was a city named Kibatsuna, and was a safe haven for all of the Survivors. 
The Warui had flown a plane over the wasteland to survey the damage they had done, and soon found out about the existence of the Survivors. They immediately saw them as a threat, and attempted to kill them off. However, the mutations had enhanced the Survivors, and they put up a good fight. Thus started a war between the Survivors and the Warui. 
Now most Survivors live in camps and a few cities, in an attempt to move on with the life they were given. Other Survivors joined together in an effort to overthrow the Warui, fighting against them by ransacking their outposts and camps. It was a risky and highly dangerous business, and the Survivors were often brutally killed.
The Warui mainly subside in a large tower in the middle of the Sabaku Desert. It is known as the Capitol, and is stocked with supplies and cargo. The head of all the Warui, the Director, lives here as well, and is in total control. The Capitol is highly guarded with numerous snipers and deadly assassins, making it very difficult for perpetrators to enter. It is an ideal life, and the Warui still attempt to pursue their dream of a perfect union, plotting to kill all of the Survivors off.
It is a dangerous world in which they live in, and a war is waging in the year 1947. Will you fight for your freedom and your life, or will you fight for the ultimate utopia and a luxurious way of living?

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Plot of Kibatsuna Snapsh11

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Plot of Kibatsuna
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