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 Darkness (Open, tell me if you want to join)

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PostSubject: Darkness (Open, tell me if you want to join)   Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:57 pm

Iris Targaryen had exceptional hearing, un-canny eyesight, and quick movements and her other side enhances those traits by ten when activated. Seeing through the pitch black pathway on the way to the Serentega Subway Station was not a difficult task for her, but even with the inhuman eyesight, she still couldn’t see five feet ahead of her. The Serentega Station is a rarely used route through Kibatsuna and to the Capitol, but it was very popular post-apocalyptic. Surprisingly, even after the bombing, the trains are still in good enough shape to work semi-properly, unlike the many above ground transportation routes around the city. People would assume that the subway would be used a lot more now, considering the lack of cars and buses and such, but they are only half correct. Disgusting mold, blood thirsty animals and bugs, and pools of poisonous nuclear extract cover the walls, hide in the corners, and lay in bundles all over the station. That wasn’t even the bad part. Thieves and killers lurk in the shadows, awaiting defenseless victims to saunter into the station and they rob them of everything they own and skin/burn/chop up/slice/stab/rip off their limbs one by one, sometimes throwing them into the tracks right as a train ‘happened’ to be going by.
    She was hoping the train would take her to the middle of the Sabaku Desert, the Hide-Away Camp, by at least midnight tonight, around 3 hours away. She had around just enough time to steal some ammunition and supplies for the survivors (a restock of equipment, for they had been running low recently) and take the bus for an hour and a half out there and ditch before the train arrived in the Capitol, a place Iris should stay far from.
      Iris was traveling by herself, for her sister was back at camp, leading the watch team while she took a visit into Kibatsuna. She had took refuge in the bar a few minutes earlier, strictly business, and had a couple drinks (thanks to the buff guy bartending, who with one wink had given the seemingly fifteen year old girl two glasses of Jack Daniels, on the house, and had left the bottle right in front of her eyes, which she scooped up when he turned to make another drink for a different costumer). She hardly ever had the time or money to taste alcohol anymore. It was considered a delicacy to find an untouched bottle nowadays. She now had a full handle, hopefully all to herself. A fifteen year old alcoholic, another thing to add to the list of problems she has. She carried a huge satchel, the handle, a cloth, medicine she found to hopefully help some of the injured, a large knife (she had also stolen this from the bar), a few canned foods, and bottle caps (the unofficial currency). There was still ¾’s of the bag yet to be filled, which she had saved for the supplies and ammo.
There was a long staircase leading to the actual underground subway station. There were no lights leading to the main room so everything was black and it reeked of diseases. Iris used her sense of hearing to lead her to the halls connecting to the main room. Her boots squeaked on the nuclear extract soaked floor and she felt dirty just walking through this place. The hallway just led her to more hallways, and she wondered when she would actually get there, or if she made a wrong turn. She had picked up a rusty pipe at the entrance of the building so every time a mutated creature would pop out at her, she gave it a whack in the face. It was weird; she seemed to always have a metal pipe for a weapon. The halls got lighter and lighter (she could now barely see her own body), so she assumed she was near the main building. She hated the quiet so she hummed a little tune under her breath, spirits high and mighty at the fact that she was finally going home. She was fucking starving. She had a canned cake and two lollipops about… half an hour ago. She whimpered and grabbed her stomach when it rumbled, maybe to her imagination. It wasn’t long before she can across actual people. Maybe they had food.


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Darkness (Open, tell me if you want to join)
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