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 Seraphina Richter, The Black Warden

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PostSubject: Seraphina Richter, The Black Warden   Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:06 pm

Name: Seraphina Richter
Nickname/Alias: Ritcher, The Black Warden, Black

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Cyborg

Affiliation: The Warui

Relations: Seraphina is the last remaining Richter, so her only 'family' is her fellow Wardens and Warui members. She is particularly close to her subordinates, whom she simply refers to as
Bo and Do:

Her rival and self-proclaimed arch-nemesis is a cocky masochist who earned the title of
The Blue Warden:

The Black and Blue Wardens fight over their cool and collected ringleader,
The Red Warden:

Height: 5'8

Weight: 120 lbs

Appearance: If one were to remove the battle armor, eyepatch, and sword (which people have actually been killed over) Seraphina Richter would look like a normal twenty year old, and most often she is perceived as younger. However, she is no ordinary twenty year old; she is Warui Industries' Black Warden. Pulchritudinous violet hair cascades down nearly to her waist, and she views the wastelands with one crimson eye, the other eye guarded by an eye-patch bearing a design that she herself drew in her free-time. As an 'evil' Warui Warden, she is adorned in a thick battle helmet, as well as a flashy cape, giving her the glorified Nazi look.

Weapons: The Black Warden brandishes a long katana-like sword, crafted from experimental materials produced within the lairs of Warui Sciences. She's also one to carry a gun at either her waist or her boot, but that is mostly for aesthetic purposes. Like all Warui superiors, they are gifted and enhanced with the best technology Warui Sciences has to offer; Seraphina's enhancement is what lies behind her eyepatch, a power unbeknownst to all. Ironically, a mysterious Survivor rebellion initiated a terrorist attack on the Science department, wiping out any records on the technology that makes up her bodily weapon. In most cases, she cannot activate the mysterious weapon unless she body becomes overwhelmed with indignation, thus her full destructive potential is limited.

Personality: As it is for most women; there are two Seraphina Richerts.

One is a jubilant and warm Seraphina.

The other is a bloodthirsty and vexed Seraphina, convinced that her problems can only be solved through violence and bloodshed.
Unlike most women, however, Seraphina is mildly capable of keeping these personalities under control, and has managed to mold a common grey area for her to wear; a composed and stoical Black Warden, whose voice rings with a hint of stern coldness.

All three areas of Seraphina Richter have a mutual interest, however, and that is the thrill for a challenge... when she remembers that she's been challenged, of course. Richter doesn't have the best memory.

Sexuality: Seraphina is heterosexual. She has not pondered on the act of sex often, as she's too busy working.

Preferences: She never as time to think about what she looks for in a lover-that-will-probably-last-a-week-before-she's-ordered-to-kill-him, but she is extremely attracted to The Red Warden, a modest leader-type.




-Mature persons


-Backstabbers (although she herself has gone undercover many times before)



-Enemies of The Red Warden


Seraphina Richter has no recollection of her childhood, neither the family vacations that she's seen portrayed in the pictures found among the ashes of crushed Survivor camps, nor the loving embrace of her parents.

"What makes ya think your parents were loving? Ya could have had abusive parents, and they personally knocked the memories outta ya." The Blue Warden closed her thin hand and knocked her bony pale knuckles on Seraphina's helmet, sneering as she did so. The Black Warden balled up her fists, having every intention of grabbing one of Blue's ridiculously long pony-tails and whipping her across the room by it. "You looking for a fight, Blue?" Seraphina asked through gritted teeth. "That depends, Richter, you lookin' for a spankin' that your parents can't give ya?" Blue let out a high-pitched giggle and balled up her fists, as well. "That's it!" Black and Blue butted helmet to forehead, the impact not seeming to faze Blue out of wiping that bloodthirsty grin off her pale face. This alerted a third person in the Upper Level coffee room. Before either woman could even think of making a move, a towering shadow blocked their view of one another. Seraphina, knowing exactly who it was, backed away flustered by both his speed and mere presence.

"You're absolutely correct, Richter, that is it." When both women seemed calm enough not to kill one another, Red slouched his back some and sighed. "Ladies, ladies. You know better than to act this way." The Red Warden said coolly, his handsome face looked down sternly at the two female Wardens, whose gazes withdrew to their feet.

"Soooorry, Red." Both gals, defeated, mumbled in unison.

"Blue," Red Warden said, "please leave. I wish to speak with Black." Blue, having just as big a crush on Red as Black did, hid her flushed face, shuffling out of the coffee room. Richter took a seat at the table, and Red was gazing out the wall-sized window, which overlooked the shimmering sand in every direction.

"So you really don't know anything about your past, huh?" Black shook her head, gazing down at her lap as he continued, frowning deep in thought. "That's okay, I s'pose. Hell, that might even be a good thing."

Seraphina cleared her throat softly. "A good thing... Red, sir?"

He nodded. "Yeah, that way you don't have any memories of a better time weighing you down with depression in this Hell. We all have to build up from our past selves, while this is the only you that you know. I'm envious of that kind of handicap, admittedly."

Richter examined The Red Warden for awhile, before he turned to her, causing her to immediately shoot her gaze back down into her lap. He walked over, and placed his hand upon her helmet. This indirect contact made her eyes widen, which thankfully was shadowed by her helmet.

"Don't let Blue get to ya, Black. She's always looking for trouble, that one."

"R-Right, sir."

From then on, Richter the Black Warden carried out numerous missions and raids in the name of Warui, convincing herself that Warui was her true family; but like all families, chaos and frustration seemingly look for moments to bloom, and not even overwhelming radiation can tame that kind of bloom.
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PostSubject: Re: Seraphina Richter, The Black Warden   Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:38 pm


What anime is she from?
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PostSubject: Re: Seraphina Richter, The Black Warden   Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:50 pm

A P P R O V E D.


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PostSubject: Re: Seraphina Richter, The Black Warden   

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Seraphina Richter, The Black Warden
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