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 Introducing Ace

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PostSubject: Introducing Ace   Introducing Ace I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 11:51 pm

Name: (Full name)

Nickname/Alias: (What else does your character go by?)



Mid 40's, real age unknown

Gender: (Male, female, transvestite, unspecified...)


Species: (Angel, werewolf, vampire, demon, human... etc etc. Just provide a description and be reasonable!)

Human, since Ace has always been careful when it comes to radiation, he did not mutate.

Affiliation: (The Warui or The Survivors? Choose carefully.)

Relations: (Related to anyone in particular?)


183cm (6"0)


82kg (180,4 lbs)

Appearance: (Provide a lovely description of their physical features; hair, face, body type, and such. If possible, attach a picture as well.)

Gray(ish) hair, optimistic look, casual body type.

Weapons: (What weapons does your character use to protect themself in this post-apocalyptic world?)

-Colt Revolver
-M1 Garand Sniper
-Combat Knife

Personality: (What is your character like, and how do they act? What odd quirks and traits do they have?)

Unlike other people, he loves the wasteland, what better way to relax than to snipe some ghoul's heads off? He takes pretty much everything a little less seriously than he really should, loves gambling, booze, and everything that comes with it, so his idea of a perfect city would be one with casinos, entertainment and good security.

Sexuality: (Gay, straight, bi? How open are they about their orientation? Do they often act in a sexual way?)

Straight, he does like to have some fun from time to time, what better way to stay focused than having a blast?

Preferences: (What are your characters' fetishes? Or, what turns them on in a sexual manner? Examples: mini skirts, long hair, muscular bodies, feet, green eyes, etc. etc.)

Pin-ups and such.

Likes: (What do they like in life?)

-His pet wolf
-The Wasteland
-Having fun clearing the wasteland from threats to fellow, weaker survivors
-Making other people laugh

Dislikes: (What do they dislike?)

-Money loss
-People who don't treat everyone equally

History/Biography: (What has your character's life story up to this point? It must be at least a paragraph or two.)

Ace, former survivor, woke up in the middle of a half-broken city right after the bombs hit, he does not remember who he is or was.

He spent his first week after his awakening wandering around in shock, looking for survivors.
Learning about what had happened, he took what supplies he could gather and went into the wasteland, hoping to find a standing city.
He walked miles and miles looking for a town, hoping there he could reestablish himself. His nights were filled with nightmares of crime and killing, and his days were filled with sweating and travelling, these have been some lonely and hard 3 months.

However, that changed when he stumbled upon a lonely, starving wolf cub, he took pity in it and decided to give it some of his canned meat he salvaged from a delivery truck. The wolf cub wouldn't stop following Ace, so he decided he'd take him with himself.

A couple of more months later, little wolf cub already grown a little, he was walking around the wasteland, he had lost any hope for a civilization, from now on, he was just trying to survive. When all of a sudden he heard gunshots, he ran as fast as he could to the source of the gunshots, and saw a man with what would seem to be a shotgun on his back, skinning some kind of coyote. Ace slowly approached with his Magnum revolver drawn and his pet wolf right next to him, just in case. The man then turned around and shocked, he yells "Don't shoot!", "I'm with the survivors!"
-"The survivors? What the f are you talking about?" replied back Ace.
-"You must be new around here, aren't ya? Hey, how about you lower that gun now, please?"
-"Alright, but for my security, I'll only lower it when I see your shotgun outta your reach.."
-"Ok, ok, you win" replied the man as he threw it away on the ground.
-"Good," replied Ace before lowering his gun, "so what are you doing here?"
-"Uhh, just looking for supplies, who are you?"
Ace, not remembering his name and not knowing how to reply to that question, thought for a second before replying.
-"That's me Ace, and this is Jack" he said tilting his head at the wolf, "With us both it's BlackJack."
The survivor, a little bit confused, looked at him as if Ace was strange. They kept talking a little while longer and eventually, the other survivor decided to invite him to his city; a city being rebuilt by survivors, currently at war with some kind of neo-fascists. Ace gladly accepted the offer and now here he is, ready for some new adventures.

PS: Wasteland=The way Ace likes to call The Sabaku Desert.
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PostSubject: Re: Introducing Ace   Introducing Ace I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 12:07 am


Have a grand time roleplaying!

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Introducing Ace
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