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PostSubject: Colton Argo   Colton Argo I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 7:19 pm

Name: Colton Argo
Nickname/Alias: The Engineer

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Human – Part Synthetic

Affiliation: The Survivors

Relations: Colton grew up with his mother, father and his little sister Emily. He was extremely close to his entire family and devoted himself to protecting them. After their deaths in the bombing, Colton grew to be very seclusive and independent, barely able to form a strong bond with anyone else since.

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140 Ibs

Appearance: Colton is known for his stern, yet intoxicatingly attractive complexion complete with dusty brown hair slightly grazing over his shining sapphires for eyes. He shows an average build though is known for being much stronger than he looks. Tattoos cover his arms and cloak the burns across his left cheek. His fair skin is still smothered with burns, though overtime the burns have faded and have been healed by the synthetic implants he created for himself. His implants are usually not too visible on his exterior, and if they are, they are covered by his clothing.

Colton Argo RT0PODt

Weapons: Colton flaunts a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind gunblade. The blade itself holsters an energy pulse that can be charged to send a crippling electric shock into its victim. The gun also works off of the pulse, using the power to create deadly energy bullets that can be fired at the rate of a machine gun until it overheats. His cybernetic implants also work to greatly enhance his ability in combat.

Personality: Colton is known to have quite a humorous personality, using his quick, almost satirical wit in almost any situation that he finds himself in.
He easily gets wrapped up in his work, especially when he starts a new project or idea.
He cares deeply for his comrades, though he makes sure to never show it as he has developed a monumental fear of losing the ones he cares about. It is difficult for him to grow close to anyone as he has a habit of distancing himself. Because of this, many people view him as a very cold individual.
For the most part, Colton manages to keep a calm and collected composure, particularly on the battlefield. He spent the past two years training himself and has become an expert tactician.
Colton has a deep hatred for the Warui, but he never lets his hatred get out of control. Instead, he harnesses it and still manages to keep a calm head.
Colton feels responsible for the death of his family. He feels it was his job to protect them, and he failed. He uses this as motivation to fight endlessly to honor his family's memory – and to avenge their deaths.

Sexuality: Colton is heterosexual. He finds himself ensnared by the idea of love, but due to the constant loss of the ones he loves, he grew adamant on the idea to avoid it.

Preferences:  Colton finds intelligence and passion endlessly attractive. When it comes to physical appearance, he doesnt really have a certain preference, but he does have a weakness for beautiful eyes.


-The exhiliaration of combat
-His fellow Survivors


-Profoundly hates the Warui for destroying his family
-When someone threatens the ones he cares for
-Those who hunger for power


From the time he was a little boy, Colton had always shown great promise as an engineer. From the time he could hold tools, his father had him tinkering with all kinds of things around the house. When he was 8 years old, his father began to take him to his workshop every day. Colton showed great promise to follow in his father's footsteps as the town engineer.

Anakoro was a quiet town located in northwestern China, hosting a population of about 2000. It was a perfect place to make a modest living in any profession one wished. Suprisingly, it was also quite modern and industrialized compared to most towns like their own, and this was all thanks to the Argo family.

Colton lived a fairly happy life, spending every day building his knowledge of engineering and trying to come up with new technologies to introduce with the help of his father and his younger sister, Emily.

Colton also developed an interest in weaponry. For many years, weapons were all he would study. This interest eventually led him to discovering Warui Industries. He watched endless news reports of the conflicts of the Warui and their constant threat of nuclear warfare. Everyone could tell something horrible was inevitably coming, and so could he.

Then, on an average day in 1945, his life quite literally exploded into pieces when a bomb was dropped on his town.

He awoke to the morbid smell of charred bodies. Everything around him felt damp, and when he could finally focus his eyes, he realized he was in a well. The realization finally hit him.

They actually attacked. After all this anticipation, it finally happened.

He cried out in pain. Looking down, it appeared the skin all along his arms and across his stomach had been burned off. The left side of his jaw throbbed, and he knew that it had faced the aggressive heat of radiation as well. With his last ounce of strength, he got to his feet.

The entire well had been blown apart, so it was relatively easy to climb out. The sight of what was left of his town drove him to his knees, struggling in pain as tears escaped from his eyes.

There was nothing left. Almost everything had been instantly vaporized. The place where his house used to stand was simply a memory now.

The life he had known was gone. Now, he was a survivor.
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Colton Argo
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