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PostSubject: Audrey Ayang   Audrey Ayang I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 14, 2013 12:59 am

Name: Audrey Ayang

Nickname/Alias: Audrey

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human (European/Thai)

Affiliation: Wastelander

Relations: Mother died when she was young, father died in bombings, sister is missing.

Height: 5'8 (about 173cm)

Weight: 150lbs (68kg)

Appearance: Audrey is tall and thin, with small muscles and dark olive skin from working on a farm for most of her life. Her tanned skin is rough and calloused from hard work, and thick burn scars cover the left side of her face and shoulder. The left corner of her lips are melted together, but it doesn't affect her speech. She wears a bandana wrapped around her head to cover the burns on her face, along with her now useless left eye and ear. Her hair is thick and curly, but kept in a short boy-ish style. Audrey wears a white tank top and jean shorts most of the time, as she doesn't have a way to carry around an entire wardrobe. She carries around an old backpack to keep basic supplies (food, water, etc) in. She also has a gun holster around her hips.

Weapons: In her gun holster, she keeps a knife from her kitchen. She also carried her father's old hunting rifle in her backpack. Audrey actually has no clue how to use guns, and is more likely to just hit people with it rather than shoot them.

Personality: Audrey has been isolated most of her life, and as a result is a bit unsure how to socialize. She gets anxious when dealing with new situations or people, and her manners aren't the best, but she is by no means shy. She's actually quite charismatic and conversation comes naturally to her. In fact, she has a hard time keeping her mouth shut, and she's very straight forward. She doesn't say much about herself, because there isn't much to say. Her childhood was cut short, so she never got a chance to learn and explore her interests. However, when she was younger, she would look at comic books, but could never read them. Superheroes are her absolute favorite, and she used to dream about one day becoming a real hero. Even though she's an adult now, she still thinks it would be exciting to have crazy superpowers. Because of this, she has both resentment and a strange admiration for those who were actually mutated from the radiation.

Sexuality: Bisexual, with a strong preference for females. She isn't open with her sexuality at all, and keeps it a secret. She normally doesn't act in a sexual way towards people at all, but she doesn't mind a nice one night stand every so often.

Preferences: Chubby ladies with wide hips and squishy thighs and lovely large breasts and cute round tummies. Manly men with sideburns and mustaches and cool hats and rough hands.


  • Girls, ladies, females, women
  • Cowboys
  • Food
  • Eating food
  • Superheroes
  • Hardworkers


  • Being alone
  • Bad cooks
  • Bad food
  • Rude, loud people
  • Violence

History/Biography: Worked on farm all of life, lots of hardwork, raised younger sister after her mother died, bombings happened, dad died, sister wasn't home from school yet. Sister is currently missing, Audrey hopes to find her.
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Audrey Ayang
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