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PostSubject: Mara Elridge   Mara Elridge I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 3:08 am

Name: Mara Elridge
Nickname/Alias: N/A

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human. Like, us.

Affiliation: Wastelander

Relations: N/A

Height: 5'7"

Weight:116 lbs

Appearance: Mara has light blonde hair that often is tied back as to make movement easier over the terrain. She has royal blue eyes and a scar over her right cheek that is of unknown origin. Nuclear radiation has caused her to lose her pinky on her left hand. She wears a gray jacket with multiple pockets in it, as to store junk in that she'll later sell as scrap metal and other supplies.

Weapons: A Browning 9 mm Semi Automatic Pistol. It packs a kick, but she has been using it a while.

Personality: Mara is a bit of an introvert. She prefers being on her lonesome and is a mysterious and strange person.


Preferences: Oh dear lord, what a silly category. Well, Mara is not very picky, for she is not one to exactly have "a crush" or someone whom she immediately gains affection towards. If you are able to get close to her, she could very well fall for you. I don't know, I dislike planning personality too early, for I haven't played her and therefore it might be inclined to change.

Likes: Metallic parts, Night time

Dislikes: Small talk, Insects

History/Biography: Mara was the middle child of 6 kids and had a wonderful life before nuclear war ravaged her hometown. She was the only survivor of her family, and lived through months of horrible radiation sickness that still affects her today. She arrived at Kibatsuna after she recovered from her sickness and began to travel, but she has become a jaded image of the once bright eyed girl of the Elridge family.

She comes from a British background that had moved to a new area when she was seven, so she has a thin, hardly audible English accent that becomes more defined when she gets flustered.
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Mara Elridge
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