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PostSubject: Daenerys Targaryen    Daenerys Targaryen  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 10:03 pm

"I will take what is mine
With fire and blood.

Name: Daenerys Targaryen

Nickname/Alias: Dany

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Fire maiden; Dany has the ability to bend fire to her will. If she wants it to spread, it will spread. If she wants it to stay burning for hours, it will (and so on and so forth). Daenerys has an unnatural immunity towards fire; flames can lick her flesh and dance around it, but never will she feel pain from it or get damaged by it. Since the nuclear bombing, Daenerys' blonde hair has turned very pale, like silvery tendrils of fire. However, since becoming a fire maiden, Dany has developed a fear of fast-moving water, such as swift rivers and the ocean during a storm.

Affiliation: Survivors.

Relations: Iris Targaryen, younger sister

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115 pounds

Appearance:Daenerys has a slender, yet strong body frame. Her skin is lightly tanned from the hours outside, but it retains a silky smooth texture. Her hair is a very light silver-blonde color, and falls in loose waves down to her lower back. Often, she braids her bangs back to keep them out of her face, and she wears it down most of the time. Her eyes used to be a nondescript blue, but after the nuclear bombing, they became an odd shade of violet, with flecks of navy cast languidly around the pupil. Daenerys has a heart-shaped face, and a sloped nose that gives way to a set of plump lips.


Weapons: Daenerys' signature long-range weapon is a Z93 sniper rifle equipped with a silencer and a high-power scope, and it remains strapped to her back. A 6P9 pistol, also equipped with a silencer and extended magazines, remains in a leather holster on her right thigh. Dany also has an assortment of throwing knives, and she is notorious for utilizing the objects around her as weapons.

Personality: Daenerys has a more serious attitude, and she is constantly alert in case anything goes wrong. She's not afraid to kill people who are a threat; experience in the wasteland had hardened her. She harbors a sharp tongue that always has a retort, and she has a witty sense of humor. Even though Daenerys has a hard shell, she is a generous and caring person. She may cover it up or deny it, but she has a gentle heart, and she will go out of her way to ensure that somebody is doing well. The only people who see this side of her are very close to her; like her younger sister, Iris, whom she is very protective of. Daenerys likes to stay close to Iris to make sure she's safe at all times.

Sexuality: Straight. Daenerys can be teasing and flirtatious with boys, but she has never found herself in a serious relationship with somebody; she figured it would just complicate the narrative. She has a hard time trusting guys anyways as it was; therefore, she has always kept herself out of relationships. Daenerys only wants to protect her family and survive in this forsaken world, so she rarely allows guys to get really close to her if it is not in a brotherly manner.

Preferences: Daenerys usually doesn't have "a type" when it comes to guys, but she definitely likes light eyes and an easy smile. Daenerys appreciates humor and witty comebacks; she'd love to have someone whom she could spar with verbally without offense being taken.

-Loves her sister, Iris
-Books. She reads lots of books.
-The sensation of closing in on prey, and holding her breath as she steadies her aim on the sniper rifle, ready to squeeze the trigger and ultimately, end her prey's life.

-Radiation poisoning
-Things she can't control
-Being threated/when someone she cares for is being threatened

Daenerys grew up in Georgia with her younger sister and two parents. Dany loved living there, and she had a few close friends whom made school a lot more enjoyable.  However, they often got reprimanded for talking too much and attracting too much attention in class. Dany's parents always tried to get Iris  to make more friends, but Iris was quiet in nature. Therefore, Daenerys always reached out to her and made sure she wasn't alone. Daenerys sat with her younger sister at lunch every day, until she went off to middle school. After a short year of seventh grade, the family moved away to another town.
Daenerys adjusted quickly in the new town, finding a new group of friends to cause trouble with. Although Dany liked her new home more than her previous one, she noticed that Iris was acting odd. Dany knew that Iris was always quiet and shy, and figured she must have been getting into trouble through peer pressure. She advised Iris to stay away from those kids; all of this was an effort to protect her younger sister.
Dany began having trouble in school, so afterwards, her father would take her to the shooting range to blow off steam. Daenerys developed a passion for shooting and hunting, relishing in the sheer power of a gun. Her father then purchased her a 6P9 pistol as a present, and every night before she went to bed, she would polish and clean out the separate parts of her handgun.
The 6P9 made Daenerys feel more responsible. What she held in her hands had the power to end one's life. It got her thinking--if this weapon could do so much damage, what other firearms does the military have? She began paying attention to the news about the Warui Industries conflicts. Rumors spread like wildfire about nuclear bombs, and it made Daenerys both restless and uneasy. She felt a sense of foreboding, as if something was definitely going to go wrong. Ever since, she had made it a point to remain close to her younger sister whenever possible. Dany was extremely protective towards Iris, and cared for her. Their parents were overwhelmed with stress, and sometimes, it seemed like Daenerys was holding the family together. It was a huge weight on Dany's shoulders, but she never let it show; she tried to be a symbol of strength for Iris.
The memory will always haunt her. The inexplicable heat coming in waves, followed by a low rumbling, and then the searing pain. Dany remembers shielding Iris with her body, clutching onto her petite forum, just praying to the god of death, telling him not today. Not Iris. Everything went black after that, and some time after that, she was awoken by Iris. By some sheer luck, they had survived.
Everything seemed to be demolished. Broken wood, and charred remains of buildings littered the horizon. After searching for days, Dany and Iris had to come to the harsh conclusion that their parents hadn't made it. It was a hit to Daenerys, but she swallowed her sorrows and moved on. Dany and Iris were two Survivors, and had to adjust to this new, harsh reality.

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Dracarys is the High Valyrian word for Dragonfire.
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