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PostSubject: Iain Gray    Iain Gray  I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 13, 2013 11:50 pm

Name: Iain Gray
Nickname/Alias: Gray

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: human.
Precognitive and regenerative abilities. the precognition allows him to see up to five minutes into the future, though the longer the time span, the longer the precognition takes to return. For simplicity’s sake, Gray keeps it limited to several seconds. This allows for the precognition to be almost continuously active, and he uses this to avoid most threats.

If precognition could be seen as an active ability, the regeneration would be passive. Most wounds are healed almost instantly as long as Gray’s stamina holds; as soon as it runs out, the regeneration stops and will not heal any damage that occurs during the lapse. Regeneration constantly siphons off of his physical energy, so he must eat large amounts of food to counter the loss.

Affiliation: Wastelander

Relations: None that are alive

Height: 5’10

Weight: 125 lbs

Appearance: While not necessarily short, Gray slouches near constantly to appear as less of a target. He’s built more on the lean side, thin almost to the point of looking sickly, though narrowly avoiding that definition. Dark circles under his eyes make him look perpetually tired, and considering the amount of days he skips sleeping, this would make sense. Eyes are a dark green, almost dull looking; hair is an unkempt dark brown long enough to be pulled back into a short ponytail. Has a scar on his left cheek that curves down his neck, and numerous scars littering his chest and arms. Gray’s skin is on the paler spectrum, but due to his incessant wandering, his skin tone has tanned considerably more than it would normally; this has caused freckles to mark his cheeks and the bridge of his nose.

For clothing, Gray wears nondescript things usually consisting of a worn jacket, long sleeve shirt, pants, and boots, though in the hotter climate, sometimes the jacket and long sleeves will be traded for something cooler. Never without an equally worn backpack that carries whatever supplies he has at the time, which usually consists of whatever rations he can scrounge, reading material, and assorted things he finds to trade for more books and/or food.

Weapons: assorted knives, throwing, and the likes. Gray is afraid of guns, so he relies more on sharp objects to protect himself, along with the whole precognition schtick.

Personality: Gray is... well, pretty much paranoia incarnate. Constantly nervous, jumpy, and just plain scared of everything but his own damn shadow, it’s a surprise he’s survived so long by himself. He doesn’t trust others and chooses not to be around them unless necessary. When around people, he sticks to the shadows and the outskirts of crowds; the less people who notice him, the better, has become somewhat of Gray’s motto.

When worse comes to worse and he does end up around people who want to converse, he’s known to babble endlessly on the topic at-hand or even something completely unrelated, hoping whoever attempted a conversation would simply move on and leave him alone. If that strategy fails, his babbling stops, but the nervous stutter and ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ and ‘uhs’ persist heavily in his speech.

He looks out for himself, and only himself. Alliances are never made from the goodness of his heart; Gray’s priority is his own safety. He shies away from verbal and physical conflict, so much so that he will readily agree with whoever is doing the fighting if it lessens the chance of being involved. If somehow, he is pulled into the mess, someone might find themselves missing an ally or with a knife in their back.

There may be an off-chance (read: a large one) that a good portion of Gray’s paranoia is really a façade to get others to believe he is not worth their time to even harass. A bit of a flawed plan, but it has worked well enough for him so far. That doesn’t mean a healthy dose of his nervousness isn’t real, only some of it is.

Sexuality: demisexual

Preferences: he’s attracted to people for their personalities, but doesn’t have too much of a preference there; if they click, they click. Even then, he doesn’t really care too much about romance.

-- Wandering
-- Coffee
-- Rare books

-- Sleeping
-- Loud Noises
-- Children
-- Guns

History/Biography: Orphaned from a young age, Iain Gray--though he answered more to his surname than to his first--was used to living on the streets and doing well enough. Granted, it wasn’t the best, it wasn’t safe, and dying was as simple as crossing the street at the wrong time, that was his life and he really couldn’t see it any other way.

What he did to survive was rarely legal. People never did miss a coin or two, never did notice when a wallet was absent, never did mention the watch that had ‘slipped from their wrist’, and Gray took full advantage of that. Thieving came rather easy to him and it allowed him to eventually move off of the streets and into a nice enough apartment that would just have to do.

Of course, that meant bigger and better things had to be stolen. Stores were harder than a passer by's wallet, but he was adaptable and seemed to have the luck of the devil on his side and got the hang of breaking and entering with a side of snatching valuables relatively quickly. Though something like that had to happen when your only other option was being caught and thrown in jail.

His luck ran out when the bombs were dropped. Ironically, Gray hadn’t even begun his daily routine (watch a few places he had mapped to figure out a schedule of going-ons) when chaos erupted and he was in the thick of it. People were dying left and right and he had no idea why. His last thought was to curse his luck (a devil always did need some sort of payment, and this must have been it). Then everything went black.

He woke to a completely new world. Luck was replaced by seeing into the future, adaptability to regeneration. His new found abilities allowed him to survive the events that happened after the bombing, albeit, a changed man after narrowly missing several attempts on his life by other survivors for reasons that varied from superstition to wariness, and everything in between. Gray learned to avoid others like the plague and to rely on only one person: himself.
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Iain Gray
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