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PostSubject: Maria Newman   Maria Newman I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 12, 2013 5:50 pm

Name: Maria Newman

Nickname/Alias: Some offensively call her "Bacon." Most just use her name though.

Age: 17

Gender: XX Chromosomes. (She's a chick)

Species: Half-ghoul, in a way. Her entire right side of her torso and face got roasted badly when the bombs fell, leaving it hardened and sore, most of the flesh on that side of her being dead. She also can't feel much of anything on that side. However, the burnt skin is rather hardened giving her rather light armor on that side. And the radiation gave her fast healing in general, where wounds heal within a minute or two. She isn't immortal, though. She can die from blood loss just as easily, and her non-burnt side is just as vulnerable. And any lost limbs don't regrow, either, so she's still killable. She also has higher reflexes than the norm, and incredible hearing.

Affiliation: Survivor.

Relations: Her relatives are rather ashy at the moment, so not really.

Height: 5"5'

Weight: 110 lbs.

Appearance: Something like this:

I kid, I kid. Unfortunately, that's a more accurate depiction than it should be.

Her human appearance before being roasted was that of a rather plain teenage girl. Average height, a bit on the slim side, and long, straight brown hair she kept in a braid down to her mid-back. She usually wears a tan jacket, jeans, and a pair of boots. Maria also carries a messenger bag in which she keeps her belongings.

Now it's a bit different. Her right side is now burnt and darkened, contrasting with her almost pale caucasian skin on the rest of her. She grew her hair in a way to cover the right side of her face, covering her eye and leaving only the other visible. (This doesn't hamper her vision; she lost eyesight in her right eye after the incident.) Her hair is still long as ever, though, reaching almost to her posterior.

Weapons: Only a mere hunting knife leftover from her deceased father and a .357 revolver, unfortunately running a bit low on ammo.

Personality: Maria is a bit on the quiet side, however she isn't shy. She's usually pretty direct, and her sense of humor is pretty dark. She's a fan of gallows humor, and tends to have rather biting sarcasm. She also isn't the type to dwell too long on negative problems, fortunately.

Her personality is also described as being a bit "detached", since she usually seems to be stuck in a daydream, even when she is actually fully aware of everything around her.

Thankfully, she isn't the type to be angsty, and while her newfound form does depress her to a minor extent, she sees it as a blessing in some ways, too, being much more resilient. She can be described as calling it being "cursed with practicality", if you will.

Sexuality: Bi.

Preferences: At this point, anyone that'll look at her without running in fear would be nice. However, she prefers people with a snarky sense of humor, and people willing to stand up for what they believe in, rather than just be a rug people walk over. In terms of fetishes, she's the dominant type. On top an' all that. Handcuffs might be involved.

She's also left-handed.

The cold.
Going for a jog.
Dark or inappropriate humor.

Dislikes: Angsty or overly-sensitive people.
People that can't stand up for themselves.

History/Biography: Well, first Maria was born. Then she grew past the infantile stages of her life, which were rather unremarkable.

In school, Maria had an average amount of friends, and generally had a normal upbringing. She was an honor student, and participated in a school sport or two, but her heart never really got into either. However, she really got into history, more specifically Greek history. She didn't know why, but she assumed it was probably their love of knowledge and philosophy.

So, she took the appropriate elective her junior year, and was excited to start.

Then shit hit the fan.

She was in her basement at the time, sorting through the junk looking for something interesting to do over the weekend, shielded from the majority of the fireball.

There was a massive explosion, and a very loud crash, culminating in a rather sizeable fireball coming down her stairs. She tried to hide behind some junk, but it didn't shield her entirely.

She awoke sometime later, having blacked out from pain and fear, to find her house in ruins, and her parents dead. She harbored massive survivor's guilt over being the only one left, but her determination told her to stick with it, and she continued on.
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PostSubject: Re: Maria Newman   Maria Newman I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 12, 2013 5:59 pm

I look forward to eating roleplaying with you.
I'm still trying to recover from your appearance image. I was genuinely expecting a ghoul.

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Maria Newman
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