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Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Ia_by_joanah009-d53oqu2
Iris Targaryen
Nickname/Alias: Iris, The Savior

17 years old.


Half-human, half-monster. When Iris is to the point of extreme anger (or just by forcing herself), her other side comes out, and unfortunately, not many or much can stop her then. She is not unstoppable, or undefeatable, or immortal, for she is weakened by normal wounds, bullets, blades, et cetera. She is 10x faster and lighter on her feet than she is when she's human. Her hearing, sense of smell, and sight or enhanced to find 'prey' or her target easier. With her now enhanced sense of sight, she sees things in 3D like vision, and everything is blurry except for a focal point in the middle of her sight, which means she can't see out of the corner of her eyes. Her enhanced hearing allows her to hear the tiniest movement, but is also a weakness because loud noises hurt her. Her mind often plays tricks on her where she sees the people she’s fighting as the people she grew up training or fighting against, or the man who experimented on her. Once Iris has changed back to her regular form, sometimes from extreme exhaustion or if she’s horribly hurt, she is passed out for several hours, maybe days, or besides that, she's extremely hungry.

She is the leader of most of the bands/and or camps in the Survivors, but was formally a Warui.
Relations: Daenerys Targaryen (older sister).

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 110 lbs.

Normal: Iris is quite petite, muscular and incredibly short in size, compared to other females with the appearance of a 15 year old. Her hair is white-blonde, choppy near the top of her head and bangs, and has two pieces of hair that stick out on the side and one long strand over her forehead that hangs down past her nose. She has short hair in the front that she braids loosely together separately, each braid hanging in front of her shoulders and tied off by a sewn (she went through that faze) clip. In the back her hair falls to her ankles and is usually pin straight. She has a kooky sense of style, pink frigid school girl skirt; black long-sleeved under shirt with white stripes, and a loose grayish-black cut up shirt over the black one. She wears a striped knee-length sock on her left leg and a black tight that reaches up to her metal garter. The metal garter has a stone in the middle which is permanently stuck to her upper right thigh, impossible to remove without chopping her leg off (which she has considered). She wears white boots with pink stripes and an over near the slits in the top. She wears a ring given to her by her sister, and a black lace necklace with a random symbol a little girl in a survivor camp gave to her. The outfit she chooses to wear most of the time is often traded for a loose dress or whatever attire she happened to find around the camps. Her eyes are a piercing blue and purple mix, the color so unnatural you’d possibly never come around it in your life time. Her skin is light tan; she doesn’t get much sun, avoiding the Warui and all.
Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Ia_voc10
Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Vocalo10
Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Ia_vocaloid_render__by_ia23-d5zvtte
‘Monster’: Iris’s monster form isn’t quite different from her regular appearance. She wears her normal under shirt, with red shorts, and black boots in replacement of pink. Besides that, her hair is up but her braids are still down. Both of her arms can physically grow blades (think at the start and pointed to a tip at the point), and it rests above her hands.
Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Hdo_ia_ver1_0_1_model_download_by_hidaomori-d5kh5t4
Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Hdo_ia_ver_1_0_2_download_by_hidaomori-d5nierx
Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] New_ia___w__by_anastasiya11-d5khd14

Weapons:  When in monster form, her arms can physically grow two foot long blades, capable to slash an enemy’s neck in less than a heartbeat. Her only other weapons are those around her, any she finds or picks up.

The personality she chooses to let people see is one of complete and utter happiness, joy, and hope. Iris is almost always smiling, which anyone she talks to always busts out a smile back (it’s contagious). Only in times of distress or anger is when she explodes. Her personality is one of a child, seemingly innocent and naïve. She puts on the act of a ‘dumb and naïve’ girl, but is actually extremely intelligent and can come up with a perfect plan before you can think of coming up with one yourself. She adores little children and will play around with almost anything. Iris gets distracted by minor things and it’s difficult to keep her on a minor task for long, but when it comes down to protecting or leading the Survivors, she will do anything and may just be the scariest and in charge women you’ve ever met. If anyone she cares about is injured or in danger, she will stop at anything to make everything seem right again.

Iris is straight. She isn’t really the sexual type, unless attempting to seduce males (or females, never know) in battle or for her personal gain.

Iris doesn’t prefer much in men except food, love, care. She really doesn’t pay much attention to boys unless they feed her or play around with her, as in jokes and such. She is often too busy with Survivor training and volunteering and leading to really focus on sex or turn-ons. Plus no one is usually attracted to her in a sexual tense because of how childish she appears.

Likes:  Iris adores being around people, especially Daenerys. She loves piggy back rides, cake and little children. Any food, especially sweet for her sweet-tooth. Happy endings make her heart swell.

Dislikes: She dislikes violence without absolutely necessary. Spinach or basically any non-sweetened green food makes her cringe.

History/Biography: Iris was born in 1930, in the mist of World War One, in a town out of Germany. She was raised in a filthy rich family, for her father was a Nazi and was one of much power and wealth. Treated as a princess for the beginning years of her life, she grew up in a huge house and had many slaves and maids working for her and listening to her every command. She had ‘everything’, planes, boats, and so much money that at her young age she didn’t know what to spend it on anymore. Her father had gone off on ‘duty’ when she was 10 and her mother had sent her away on a cruise off the coast of Thailand.
Iris packed her bags, brought her best clothes and belongings, and boarded the cruise. She was only there a day when she began wondering if people were watching her. Eating in the café, visiting the pool, and walking the halls were often weird and quick for her because every time she turned around, she would catch men in black suits staring at her from under clear round glasses. The next few days, passengers she saw the day before and had tried conversing/making friends with, she couldn’t find anywhere in sight. It seemed like they just disappeared altogether, but she knew that wasn’t possible because they were miles and miles away from the coast. While on her way to eat breakfast on her fifth day, she was carried off with one rough and sour smelling hand over her mouth and a gun to the back of the head. Blind folded instantly, she could over feel and hear her journey to wherever this horrible man was taking her. She was finally put on the ground but her hands and feet were bound in rope, with cloth tied around her head to her mouth to keep her quiet and another piece of cloth around her eyes to keep her vision dark. They only noises she could hear were two men repeating the word “Warui” in sentences she couldn’t make out correctly over the sound of a plane engine. She didn’t know how long they were flying for, but it felt like forever since she was stuck in place like she was. A door opened and she could hear footsteps coming closer to her, and the low chuckle of a man. She just wanted to get away, so she tried. Wiggling out of ropes is a lot harder than it may seem, especially with both your hands and your feet bound. She screamed as hard as she could in the cloth in her mouth, shaking her head and head butting the man trying to frantically grab her. Suddenly, her head was met with the sharp metal of a gun and she was knocked out instantly.
When Iris woke up, the first thing she saw was a bright white light, which was very misleading. She heard the clink of metal and when she tried moving she noticed her arms and legs were bound to a cot she was laying on. She finally fully awakened and realized where she was. The cot she was laying on was tilted upwards, so she was basically standing but bolted to the cot and her feet a few feet off the ground. The room was fully white, except for a gray metal tray next to her cot where she noticed a lot of tools laying. Next to the tray was the man that was following her on the cruise, except not dressed in a suit but all white, a doctors uniform. Looking down at herself, the only attire she saw was a loose gown, almost identical to the doctors, besides a metal garter on her left thigh. Her white-blonde hair was tucked behind her body, in a tight ponytail and the loose pieces of her bangs were tucked behind her ears.
“Look who finally decided to join me,” says the doctor.
“Where am I?” It was the first question she could think of to ask.
He was grabbing a syringe off of the metal tray and walking towards her slowly, beginning the long history of Warui. The doctor had just finished his story and began to tell her why he wanted her there when he stuck the needle in her leg, his voice fading into the sound of the voices in her dreams.
Iris awoke once again, still on the same cot in the same room. She was covered in sweat and she felt a horrible pain through her body. The doctor had slashed her with a scalpel, burned her with candles, and she had bruises everywhere in sight, a total mess and disaster of a body. She stung in ways she never thought before, and as she tried to speak, she found her mouth once again stuffed with the cloth.
“You had screamed quite a lot so I had to silence you as much as I could,” the Doctor’s deep voice was from the right of her.
She mumbled into the cloth, shaking her head and tearing up because of the pain.
“I forgot to tell you the purpose you’re here with me,” he began, “it all started once you stepped foot on the cruise.”
“Someone had called saying that the perfect body for my experiments was boarding and to come check it out right away. I hurried and packed my stuff right away and was on the boat in less than an hour, that’s when I saw you. I knew the anonymous person had been talking about you, for you were the perfect size and height for me. Something about you stood out from other girls I had seen that were your age. I knew right when I saw you that you’d be my lab rat,” He made little slices on her leg with a knife as he talked, and Iris closed her eyes in extreme pain instantly. “You, Iris Targaryen, should consider yourself lucky, for you have been chosen by the best in the world of science. See, I would give away my secret to how I have perfected you even more, but it would be a disaster if you had ever escaped, which I doubt!” He chuckled, “So why don’t you find out for yourself?”
He finally brought her down from the cot, unbounding her and grabbing her hands behind her. Walking felt weird because it was hard for Iris to feel her legs. He led her into very large room and locked her in there by herself. She wasn’t there for long before he came back, this time bringing a male with jet black hair and a sword in hand. She quizzically looked at him, not knowing what to think until the doctor stepped out and left the male in the room with her. He withdrew his sword and charged, slashing at her with quick movements.
Everything was a blur after that, but she had been shown a play back of herself on video from the Doctor. She had changed into some sort of a monster. Her movements were extremely quick, too quick in fact. She was too fast for the male and had dodged his blade during the first swing. She easily overtook him and had him pinned to the floor on his back, one arm behind his back and she had his sword in the other hand, pointed towards his heart. The whole ‘fight’ had taken less than 5 seconds. She was very confused.
Training continued like this for months and then years. She grew stronger and stronger, and learned how to use the monster side of her and control it well. The Doctor preformed more experiments on her daily, every single time she was injected with some strange yellow liquid. She learned to control her monster side, especially how to change and control the changes to her will, but every time the jet black male seemed to tick her off, she couldn’t control her temper and changed instantly. She didn’t seem to age or grow at all, but the Doctor explained that the injection he had done every day for 5 years had stunted her growth and she would never grow old, but that didn’t mean she was immortal, for she could die as easily as any human, as long as they could beat her monster form. He had basically told her that she would be 17 forever.
Iris was finally released into day time when Adolf committed suicide, and the war ended with the blowing of the world. The Doctor had been a Nazi scientist who was appointed the head of Warui Industries Science Department, she found out by looking in his files in his office, after he mysteriously disappeared one day. She let herself out the door of what happened to be a huge building on an island in the middle of the ocean near Thailand, Rook Island. The world had been completely destroyed and she was bound with packs and groups of Survivors until this day, where she is leading most of the Survivor groups and fighting off as many Warui as possible, in memory of her Doctor, who changed her in horrible ways she couldn’t even imagine and ruined any chance of her ever growing old or finding peace in such a terrible world.

Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Tumblr_n19uh81tdy1scd41fo1_500

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U P D A T E!

Iris Targaryen [Update #2!] Tumblr_n19uh81tdy1scd41fo1_500
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Iris Targaryen [Update #2!]
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