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PostSubject: The Man/The Machine   The Man/The Machine I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 1:06 am

Name: Johnny Maximillian
Nickname/Alias: Subject Delta, The Fourth Great Annihilator
Age: Unverified
Gender: Male
Species: Experimental Killing Machine/ Automaton of Mass Destruction
Affiliation: Warui Test Subject/ Not-so-secret Weapon
Relations: Rumored to be the little brother of Warui Science's Head Scientist
Height: 6’8
Weight: 350 lbs
Appearance: The Man; Johnny was an extremely attractive, average-sized man, he had light blue eyes and remarkably tan skin that was topped with slick black hair and a bedazzling white smile that wooed all the ladies that fell victim to his boyish good looks. He usually clad himself in his father’s black leather bomber jacket, and worn out jeans that were often ripped by the neighbors’ picket fences he jumped over to escape the authorities.
The Machine; Subject Delta is an intimidating death machine, resembling a human in shape and towering above a typical man in height. Delta is a high-powered titanium welder’s suit, seeing the apocalypse-wreaked world (and the mutants that inhabit it) through one large oval at the center of his helmet that illuminates a strong orange at night. His right arm is a heavy drill, roughly the size of a small child in length and numerous children in width (sorry for the comparison), his left is a thick five-fingered glove, rather it’s filled with fingers or metal no one knows, that is used both for wielding the diver’s knife on his giant utility belt and emitting EMP frequencies.
Weapons: Delta is an efficient predator by means of an assortment of utilities, primarily his ginormous blood-stained drill that his manufacturers conned “Ugly Betty”. As time progresses and more of Delta’s lost memories and experience are gained, he uses many gruesome methods to destroy those he needs to.  
Personality:  The Machine has no personality, devoid of any emotions when slaughtering masses of Warui’s targets. He was programmed not to think, only to act. You’d be surprised how better the results are when you tell a weapon of mass destruction to simply “kill”.
The Man, however, is a different story. Johnny is probably the most colorful, charismatic man one might ever encounter, going out of his way to cause trouble wherever trouble can be caused.  “But Delly, trouble can be caused anywhere” Damn straight it can, and Johnny is fully aware of this. Johnny’s pride and stubbornness is often used against him because of his refusal to be beaten by any force, be it Man or Nature. If Mr. Maximillian likes you, you wouldn’t have a more dependable friend in the world. And if he didn’t like you, it’d be a miracle that you left the encounter unscarred, physically or mentally.
Sexuality:   The Machine is in no way sexually active, or even sexually aware, for that matter. No titties, only tyranny.
If ‘sex machine’ was a definitive word in the dictionary, it would have a mugshot of Johnny Maximillian. Johnny was an extremely ‘active’ man, constantly walking around with a different woman under his muscular arm. Sure he was a womanizer, but he never did anyone any harm…Except for their boyfriends, they definitely got harmed.
Preferences: The Machine can’t express emotions, but if he could, he’d tell you that he prefers his woman splattered against the walls.
Johnny, on the other hand, likes his women robust and kicking. He’s being intimate with gals of every caliber. Pardon my French; big butts, big breasts, it all makes Mr. Maximillian smile. But above all, Johnny likes a challenge.
Likes: Delta likes
- obliterating
- annihilating
-every synonym in between
-Nothing else.
 Johnny likes
-those roasted pecans you get at fairs.
-Being the best
Dislikes: Delta dislikes
-Everything that lives.
Johnny dislikes
-Jealous boyfriends
-People who lose
Johnny Maximillian, ladies’ man galore, hailed from New Jersey with his shopaholic mother, gambling drunkard father, and genius elder brother. They lived in a one story, shambling, and run-down house at the end of a street of equal condition. While his father sloshed around at the bar(s), and his mother was off with her girlfriends, Johnny and his big brother Peter (donned Petey) caused trouble in their youth together; stealing from the candy stores, lifting the cute gals’skirts, and generally making a name for the Maxi bros with the authorities. Life was grand.
When Petey got his job with Warui Sciences as a head scientist, Johnny felt a piece of his very existence leave him. Petey was his shining light, the “It’ll be okay” guy when Mom screamed him, and (quite literally) was the human shield when Dad staggered in and swung at Johnny. And now he was gone, experimenting on rats or some shit. Johnny would spend less and less time around the house, and more time along the cracked, weed-sprouting sidewalks of this meaningless city. Even on that bitter, orange-colored sky, as Johnny knelt before his burning house, no tears shed. Life sprung back into Johnny when he was picked up by members up Warui that very night, and did not question just how fateful and coincidental that scenario was. He didn’t care, either; he just wanted to see big Petey again.  They were reunited under the Sciences banner, and a giant grin spread across Johnny’s teen face at the thought that he was to be chosen for this Delta project. Unfortunately, this project was definitely not one hundred percent kickass. Johnny was forced to sleep in an isolated, barren room, where he went under numerous grueling, torturing experiments and tests, it got to the point that he figured his body was pumped with more Science shit than his own Jersey blood. Petey- oops, Doctor Peter, would speak to the pale, ghastly anorexic test subject through a speaker, and Johnny always managed a weak smile to his brother through the safety glass, despite being chained and hooked up to more chords than the entire Jersey Fair. Johnny did notice, however, that his brother referred to him as Delta more often than Johnny, and the latter couldn’t help but respond to the Doctor Peter; the family bond was fading, which worked out all too well for Doctor Maximillian.
“Subject Delta, how are you feeling?”
“Subject Delta, would you kindly do me a favor?”
“Yes, Doctor.”
What was left of Johnny had been escorted from his Testing Room to an undisclosed location within the Sciences building, and was placed upon a searing cold operating table, staring up at a blinding white light that forced what little strength Johnny had left in him to wince, however weak such a resistance to the glare might have been.
“Subject Delta, are you ready?”
“W-what are you t-talking about, Petey?”
Don’t call me that! I am Doctor Maximillian. You are going to undergo your final test for me, Subject Delta. Are you ready?”
“…Yes, Doctor”
In that final instance of mortality, Johnny watched as what seemed to be a metal mask of sorts was slowly descending upon him. And in that last moment, Johnny couldn’t help but wonder what he would see through that glass oval.
What would be known as Delta, the Fourth Great Annihilator, a subject Warui and Survivors alike shuddered over, ravaged everything it came across. Mothers and fathers would often warn their misbehaving children that Delta takes those who don’t listen, which would be greeted with instant behavior. Propaganda posters littered the war-torn streets, “Pure Beings need not fear Delta”. Its drill crushed entire settlements, its supernatural abilities (referred to as Plasmids) melted, shocked, and flattened the inferiors who dare stand in Subject Delta’s way. It was when Delta began to advance on a settlement referred to as Hide-Away Camp, drilling roaring and Plasmids flying, that an extremely powerful rifle shot found itself into the side of Delta’s helmet. The war machine’s knees buckled in and it felt to the floor, it’s red visor light dimming into non-existence.

Johnny couldn’t help but wonder why his head was pounding so fiercely, and why the hell Jersey felt hotter than Hell itself.


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PostSubject: Re: The Man/The Machine   The Man/The Machine I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 1:27 am


Have fun role playing!

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The Man/The Machine
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