Good evening/morning/noon!
I'm Iris, your new best friend and new admin.
This forum is welcoming new members and we would be glad if you would join us!
Take a look over at the 'Everything You Need To Know' category and read the Plot Of Kibatsuna and you will know whats going on!
Then, upon joining, introduce yourself!
Any questions or concerns,
PM SubDelta or I.
Have fun role-playing,

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    Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:19 am
    Message by Delta - Hue.
    Not sure what a visitor message is.
    But here, have one.
    I want you to have it.
    I want you.
    To have my visitor message.
    Don't be shy, take my visitor message.
    Take it.
    It's for you.
    The best damned visitor message you'll ever get.
    I'm visiting you.
    And leaving a message.
    Want my message?
    Here it is.
    For you.

    ...You need to text me. 3:

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