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 Double or Nothing

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PostSubject: Double or Nothing   Double or Nothing I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 2:38 am

"So this stuff is really what I am looking for?"
"Sir, don't doubt me. I know what I pick up. Do you want it or not?"
Outside the Lucky 38 Casino, in the afternoon light of the sun, two figures stood. One was rubbing his hands together nervously, inspecting a flask of a strange green liquid, tinting from the flask's golden transparent color. He seemed to be in his mid 30s, and already his hair was dull and jaded. His lips were curled in a frown, and his eyes kept shifting from the person in front of him to the flask.
The second figure was a girl, who was at an average height and had light blonde hair. She looked to be a teenager—no more than eighteen or so—, but her demeanor was solemn and mean. She had been in Kibatsuna for too long; in this nuclear wasteland too long. She looked tired, but she seemed to appear that way a lot recently.
"How much do you want for it?" the man asked quietly, glancing around to see if there were any bandits eavesdropping. Whatever was in that bottle was pretty valuable. The girl didn't look so scared, however.
"50 caps." the girl replied rather nonchalantly.
"Fuck you."
"I know of a lot of folks in this place that would kill to get their hands on antibiotics, sir. I've seen bandits kill for a candy bar. Do you want to save your wife or not?"
The man hesitated, and swallowed, digging into his pocket and pulling out a plastic bag. Withdrawing a few caps from it, he shoved it into the open hand of the girl. The girl swiftly counted the caps in groups of two, and tossed the flask to the man. The man reached for it, startled, and just barely caught it.
"Now get out of here before someone sees you with that." the girl stated, before turning around. The man nodded and ran off over the debris, disappearing around the corner.
As the girl walked towards better footing and up in front of the casino, she paused. The bag of 50 caps jingled against her side, almost calling out to her. She had never gambled before. This wasn't exactly the most desperate of exchanges, for she had more caps hidden...somewhere >3> <3<, so it wouldn't hurt to try to get more for her money. Double or Nothing. Fifty to one hundred or fifty to squat.
The girl walked into the door, where the immediate room was quite vacant, but the flashing lights from the next room northward promised colorful machines that you can use to gamble your life savings away. She smiled dryly, wondering why she was going in here, but her legs carried her towards the door. She opened it, and was greeted by a medium sized room. Said room had a few slot machines and roulette tables, as well as a Texas Hold'em and blackjack table. The only card game that was familiar to the girl was blackjack, though she did not want to associate herself with those disgusting and ugly men sitting at the table. Due to this, she settled at the easiest understood game in the history of casinos; a slot machine.
The chair was rather boosted, so she found herself hopping up to meet it. The machine itself was a scarlet color, and vibrant neon lights urged her to deposit a cap into the makeshift dispenser that someone had made to accept the bottle-seals. And so she dropped one into the slot. Immediately, the machine came to life. The three wheels in the machine's window were spinning impossibly fast. Trying to time it as best she could, she pressed the button for each.
No good. Not one of them matched up.
"Dammit." the girl mumbled, but seeing as she had a lot more to lose, she decided to try her luck a little bit longer...
Double or Nothing, Mara she thought to herself. Double or Nothing...
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PostSubject: Re: Double or Nothing   Double or Nothing I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 24, 2013 11:13 am

Ace turned around when he heard the funky sound of the slot machine on the other side of the room, he turned and saw a girl sitting on one of the slot machines.
Really? He thought. People still play these things? She's either really stupid, or really, really lucky. These things do nothing but take your bucks and leave you on the streets broke. Ace looked one last time at his cards, 5 and 7, the cards on the table were J, K and A.
-I bet. Said the well dressed folk next to him.
-You'll have to do this one without me, folks, I fold. replied Ace before getting up and approaching the slot-player.
-You're wasting your time and money, beautiful.
The girl inserted one last cap before spinning the slot and aligning 3 cherries. The machine played a joyous sound and caps started raining out of it.
-Oh, so that's where my luck went.
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PostSubject: Re: Double or Nothing   Double or Nothing I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 27, 2013 5:24 pm

OOC:Was that slot winning supposed to be my character? Because where I come from, controlling another person's character is punishable by public hanging.

Mara narrowed her eyes as this man addressed her. Who was he, talking to her so smugly? The girl realized that this wasn't the best place for her, and without completing her endeavor to win at the slot machine, she got up and walked out of the room without speaking to or even acknowledging the presence of Ace. She made her way through the front room of the casino, which was empty as ever, and halted at the door. A dreadful wave of nausea rushed over her. It was sudden and uncalled for, as her lapses of sickness always were, but she had to retreat quick. She quickly whipped around the corner of the casino to an alleyway, and there she began to vomit behind some convientiantly placed dumpsters. The girl had picked up a vomiting problem when her city was bombed by nuclear warheads. The radiation poison had almost killed her, and while she had recovered from most of the effects, vomiting was still a problem. This had forced the girl to consume an extra meal per day and often crippled her food supply. Her prices were high due to her need for extra money.
As she ceased vomiting, the girl moved her hand to the pistol attached to her hit. She wasn't the best marksman, though new a lot about guns. After being around various metallic pieces and scraps, Mara had learned about what part went on which gun and how it made the firearm function. She used this knowledge to properly sell metal to buyers with broken weaponry. It was how she made a living, along with the other stuff she was able to collect and find. Her gun made a click as she moved her fingers onto it, and she looked around to see if anyone had seen her walk down the alley. Being in a dark area next to a Casino was possibly the worst thing for a girl to do. An angry man who had lost all his earnings in the place was not someone she wanted to meet there. She blinked and straightened up, satisfied with the thought that she was done regurgitating. Mara withdrew a napkin from her pocket, wiped her mouth, and threw it into the dumpster adjacent to her, making her way back down the alleyway and into the street.
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PostSubject: Re: Double or Nothing   Double or Nothing I_icon_minitime

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Double or Nothing
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